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How I can scale a 3D graph when the windows height changes?

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I did something like that ,
but i think if you add a listener on the window (Wich i dont remeber now ;]
) and
conect that to the transformGroup from the shape that will work.

I hope that helped you
(My english is not good as i want)


> Thanks for you response:
> I prove it using a specific ViewingPlatform when I create the
> SimpleUniverse:
> SimpleUniverse simpleU = new SimpleUniverse(new MyViewingPlatform(), new
> Viewer(new OffScreenCanvas3D(config)));,
> Where MyViewPlataform() has the reimplmented method:
> public double getViewPlatformDistance(BranchGroup scene, Component canvas,
> View view),
> Bit it doesn