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CTP Test result is UNRESOLVED because getDevice(Simulator Media Server) returned nul

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When I tried Device-10 test scenario on RI, the RESULT was UNRESOLVED.The result file contains,"atelite[16:47:19.121] fromiut.resultInterim [TA#1] [] UNRESOLVED reason=getDevice(Simulator Media Server) returned null".
I verified that the UpnP Simulator is running.
In the RILog I see the below message:
RI.Stack- 242126 [Thread-28] INFO test.OcapTestImpl - OcapTestImpl.receive - msg: UPS>TA#1:1004 [main] ERROR HTTPRequestValidator.class - TEST: Could not retrieve Get Device Description Request from incoming message buffer to validate it |[main] ERROR OutgoingHTTPResponse.class - SIM: Could not find initial HTTP Request when attempting to send Get Device Description Response.
I hope this is not related to configuration errors.
Thanks in advance,

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I was given the following suggestions by a CableLabs engineer:
1. Routers can block multicast messaging. Check that your router is not
doing this.

2. Confirm that the "SSDP Alive" message is getting from the UPnP
simulator to the IUT (Implementation Under Test, i.e., the RI in this

3. Most current routers can be UPnP devices themselves. Make sure this
is turned off on the router.

- Glen