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Using JXMultiThumbSlider

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Hi, I just wandered in googling for a multi-slider example. I can give you a
use-case. I hope it's not out of place, I haven't been following jdnc (had
to look up what it meant, in fact.)

I am setting up a pricing table where the price depends on amount. The user
will set up pricing bands, 0-$10k gets price X, $10k-$100k gets price Y and
$500k + gets price Z. There may be absolute minimum and maximums. I'm
thinking a multi-slider would work well for this - not just to set them up
easily but because different items will have different pricing bands.
Displaying each set of ranges as a different multi-slider will show how the
amounts are set-up in a visually comprehensible way much better than
displaying numbers in a table. With text, if someone fat fingers an extra
zero, it doesn't always jump out as an anomaly. With a set of, say, five
multi-sliders, it's easy to compare how the settings of each compare to the
others - and hopefully, make it easy to set-up and adjust the ranges as