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Regarding NetBEAMS

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Joined: 2010-08-02

Dear All,
I am new to this community and this is my first forum topic/question.
I want to execute NetBEAMS project. The source is available at below link.
I have downloaded the source through CVS in Eclipse.
I don't k now how to execute the project. Can someone guide me for the same.
Thank you,
With Regards,
Niraj Shah

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I am posting this to test the preview functionality. I don't know why this isn't working right off the bat

Joined: 2010-08-02

Thanks for your reply. I got one readme file to execute NetBEAMS. I am following the same but didn't get the link from net. Even i don't know from where i have to execute this commands. Any special ant settings are require for the same?
Please guide me further. The read me file is as under.
NetBeams Application
Building and Running NetBeams
Building and running a local copy of NetBeams is straight forward with the
following dependencies installed and made available via the system
J2SE/JRE 1.4.2+ []
Ant 1.6 []
Obtaining a local read-only working copy of MyJXTA is achieved as follows:
% mkdir ~/jxta
% [http get]
% ant -Dcvs.project=myjxta2 -f bootstrap.xml
This should create a directory named "myjxta2" in the current working
directory after which building and running MyJXTA is achieved as follows:
% cd netbeams
% ant run
In order to run multiple MyJXTA instances concurrently simply specify an
alternative "home" directory:
% ant -Dnet.jxta.jxta_home=./foo run &
% ant -Dnet.jxta.jxta_home=./bar run &
In the event you are running behind an HTTP Proxy Server do the following
and then try restarting NetBeams JXTA:
create and edit an file that is comprised of the following
To configure proxy:
In build.xml file look for the following lines:
<target name="execute">
<java classname="${main}" fork="yes">
<classpath refid=""/>
Then add the following two lines after them:
<jvmarg value="" />
<jvmarg value="-Dhttp.proxyPort=8080" />
To share a TOC without using MyJXTA:
(Optional) Edit the URL in with the correct value that point to
the TOC file.
Execute to share the file via JXTA