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Java3d disastruous installation process

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I'm trying to get Java3d to work with my java installation.

My platform is Windows 7 and Java is installed under Program Files (86x)

First up the installation manager for Java3d installs Java 3d in Program Files... that is not in the Program Files (86x) where I have my java home directory.

Secondly when I try to make a manual installation I get the three .jar files working with classpath j3dcore.jar, j3dutils.jar, and vecmath.jar.

BUT there's an additional note in the README-unzip file that details the manual installation process namely

4# Modify your PATH environment variable to contain the full path to the lib\i386 folder (or lib\amd64 for Windows/x64). For example, on 32-bit Windows, add the following to your PATH variable, using the System control panel, Advanced tab, Environment Variables button.


However neither the x64 or i386 folders exist in the download package, there's only a lib\ext folder with the three previously mentioned .jar files.

The result of this is that I can compile but not run my java3d programs.

I'm also curious about the j3dcore-ogl.dll file in the bin directory and if I shouldn't make a PATH for it as well.

Help would be much appreciated.

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So have I but I haven't yet gotten around to doing it yet. I'm writing a game and my testers have just installed Java3d themselves.

You can search here or google. there are a couple of examples.
Check here:

This is GPL and you can have a look at how he does it. He has it working in an applet as well. :)