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Any engine where the XPath and SQL wizards allow for comparison of fields ?

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As my subject line tells, am in search of an engine where the XPath and SQL wizards allow for comparision of fields. However I also need variety of pre-built tags which will made it quick and easy to place dynamic data into the reports:

My requirements are -
- to insert a piece of data into the templates.

- tag that will allow to loop through our data.

- tags that will allow to create select statements without hassle. No complicated sections or tricky fields required.

- tags to create a series of selects to define data to be displayed in charts and graphs.

- tags where it wouldn't be restricted to creating rectangular tables.

- tag to insert txt and pdf files rather than manually inserting them.

- tags for Query and Set to save time not only during report design but also when running the report

Well after googlin a lot, came across, but I've noidea whether to go for it or not though it satisfies most of my requirements.

If anyone has tried windwardreports, pls put some light on it.Will appreciate it much enough.

Requirement (URGENT)