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how to join a open group

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Hi all
I build a open child group named "babyGP" on my server and a jxta shell window is running there. I want to join it use following code
" myPG = parentGP.newGroup(gpAdv);
mydisco = myPG.getDiscoveryService();
mypipes = myPG.getPipeService();"

gpAdv is group advertisement of "babyGP".
The problem is, the new joined peer name does not appear untill 3 minutes later. I don't know what is the reason.

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The JXTA Shell project has not been maintained for a long time and is known to be buggy since release 2.5 (and may be before). In fact, the code referring to the Shell will be completely removed from 2.7 core code. You should use the NetworkManager instead.

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thank you for reply.