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Looking for alternative sortable JXTreeTable

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Joined: 2004-05-04

From, it seems that there is no plan to make JXTreeTable sortable.

From the thread, another alternative is

You could use JXTable & GlazedLists TreeList to make a TreeTable

However, I prefer to have a API which is ready with sortable feature, instead of the need of building by hand.

Is there anyone has success experiment JXTable + GlazedLists TreeList, to make a sortable TreeTable which is equivalent to JXTreeTable, but with sortable feature?

Or, is there any alternative library to JXTreeTable? My client start to complain JXTreeTable is not sortable ;)


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Joined: 2004-05-04

Hello all,

Here is some of the alternative I had found :

I had compiled it using SwingX 0.9.6, seem works from initial testing.

Another alternative I had found is non-free version.

I had tested with their own tree table demo, quite impressive.

Joined: 2009-11-20

I've posted a free view-based sorting TreeTable over on the regular Swing forums:

It is more developed than that post would indicate but still needs testing, volunteers welcome :)

Also, I am trying to decide if automatic node-specific sorting should be supported. It differs from the column header variety in that only the immediate children of a specific node are sorted and takes precedent over any column sorting that may occur before or after. It is kind of awkward trying to provide visual feedback. If you are feeling brave, you can scour the code and turn it on. There are two different implementations: The first is completely commented out in various places in the file and only allows sorting the tree column. The second implementation allows sorting on any column and is in the file. It can be turned on more easily; just set NODE_SORTING_DISABLED at the top to false. If fully implemented, a sort icon would appear whenever you hover over the "hotspot" where the sort icon would be if that node was sorted.