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Does RecordingAlertEvent is received for a recording been started in past ?

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OCAP Java doc says that RecordingAlertEvent is received when a scheduled recording is about to occur and this is triggered for LeafRecordingRequests in pending states.

If a recording is scheduled whose start time is in the past, does RecordingAlertEvent is received after calling RecordingManager's record() api?

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In the case where the start time is in the past, the RI will call RecordingAlertListeners (passing a RecordingAlertEvent) as part of the record() call.
This is based on the description of RAL.recordingAlert() Javadoc that states "Notifies the RecordingAlertListener that a scheduled activity is about to happen."
Since a retroactive recording is "about to happen" as soon as the RecordingManager.record() call is made, it follows that the RAL is called immediately prior.