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JAXB: W3C spec XSD -> 2 different packages

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Hi JAXB gurus - I have an interesting challenge I hope someone can help out with.

I want to have xjc generate Java classes from the W3C specification for XML Encryption. That .xsd is located here:

Note that this .xsd additionally imports the W3C XML Digital Signature .xsd.

When I run xjc without any customization, it creates two packages based on the namespaces alone:


Which is great - just not what I want. I want to customize this so that the objects go in org.w3.xmlenc and org.w3.xmldsig packages respectively.

Also, because this is a W3C spec, I don't want to/can't touch the source .xsd files at all. I need to treat them as static/read-only. I'm putting my JAXB directives in a separate .xjb file.

How do I make this happen based on external .xjb customization files without touching the source .xsd files?

Thanks for any pointers!



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You defenitely need to read this part of JAX-WS tutorial:

For you customization file should look like this:
xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xjc=""
jxb:extensionBindingPrefixes="xjc" xmlns:jxb=""

generateIsSetMethod="true" fixedAttributeAsConstantProperty="true" />



I haven't tested it but you should get the idea.