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OOB service name

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Can any one let me know whats the meaning of OOB service name?

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Service.getName() will give you the name associated with the service.

Here is the text from OCAP spec.

T. getName
When the LVCT is provided the short_name is returned. When the LVCT is not
provided but the Source Name Sub-Table is provided a component of the source_name is returned from the MTS
string. When none of these Tables or
sub-Tables are provided, an empty String object with 0 length is returned.

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The NTT_SNS (Network Text Table, Source Name Subtable) maps in-band service names to their corresponding Source ID values. However, the NTT_SNS can also map out-of-band (OOB) service names to their corresponding DSG application tunnel ID. A DSG application tunnel is an OOB MPEG section stream that contains object carousel data.

When an application want to select an in-band service by name, they can use a locator such as "ocap://n=HBO2W", the stack uses the values in the NTT_SNS to determine the Source ID to use. When an application wants to mount an OOB DSG carousel, it passes a locator such as "ocap://n=My_DSG_Carousel" to ServiceDomain which identifies the carousel to be mounted.


Joined: 2010-10-11

Is there any way to get the OOB service name, using OCAP APIs?