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PeerGroupException: Could not locate World PeerGroup Module Implementation

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Hi all ---

a while ago (last year I think) there was a thread regarding this exception. Was it ever resolved? I didn't find anything after a couple of exchanges on opening an issue. What would cause such an exception to occur? Thanks.

10-14 10:56:23.815: INFO/System.out(27904): P2PA - ########## - fatal error : group creation failure
10-14 10:56:23.815: WARN/System.err(27904): net.jxta.exception.PeerGroupException: Could not locate World PeerGroup Module Implementation.
10-14 10:56:23.823: WARN/System.err(27904): at net.jxta.peergroup.WorldPeerGroupFactory.getDefaultWorldPeerGroupClass(
10-14 10:56:23.823: WARN/System.err(27904): at net.jxta.peergroup.WorldPeerGroupFactory.(
10-14 10:56:23.823: WARN/System.err(27904): at net.jxta.peergroup.NetPeerGroupFactory.(
10-14 10:56:23.823: WARN/System.err(27904): at net.jxta.platform.NetworkManager.startNetwork(
10-14 10:56:23.823: WARN/System.err(27904): at com.p2pSOAAndroidP2PA.P2PA.PeerToPeerAdapter.startJxta_2_5(
10-14 10:56:23.823: WARN/System.err(27904): at com.p2pSOAAndroidP2PA.P2PA.PeerToPeerAdapter.main(

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Joined: 2006-05-05

Hi all ---
at the moment i'am trying to port JXTA 2.7 to android and i got stucked at exactly the same point.
I would be very thankful if someone could give some information about the problem.
thanks in advice cRz

Joined: 2007-01-31

Do you still experience this issue with trunk code? If yes, can you provide code example to replicate it?

Joined: 2007-07-06

I am experiencing this issue when running the trunk code imported into the Android platform. None of this core code has been modified when imported into the Android, and when ran into the Android's emulator it works like a charm. When ran onto a real device I get that error. So in my effort to figure out if this is a directory structure issue, a file permission issue or anything else I remembered that I have seen this exception in full jxta peers back with version 2.5 when some jxta users were attempting to build their network. So I was hoping by finding out what would cause such an exception (I never personally ran into this problem with full peers either with 2.5 or 2.6 so no idea what would cause it) it could help me map this problem into what Android complains about. If you have any hints it would greatly help. I have traced the code back in the jxtaloader class and I do see that it is looking for the Platform class with the correct spec id ...