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Eclipse Plugin: Phantom Application Client module

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Eclipse 3.6.1
Oracle GlassFish Server Tools

I have a web project with 3 depedent EJB and JPA projects, and about a dozen library JARs. The whole lot gets deployed to Glassfish via the plugin as a single WAR.

In the Server view, after deployment, I see the top level web project with the 3 expected submodules, but in addition there is a fourth submodule openjpa-2.0.1.jar labelled as "J2EE application client module" in the tooltip.

- What's the criteria for a WEB-INF/lib module to be displayed in this view?
- What's so special about OpenJPA?
- Why is this module labelled as "application client module"?

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I think this is because some of your jar files have a main-class attibute in their manifest.

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Hi Harald,
Found your post through a Google search. I'm seeing the same thing in my own Eclipse project.
Did you ever find answers to your questions?
If not, I suspect the Eclipse newsgroups might be a better source of information.

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ozzzburn is right: OpenJPA has a Main-Class defined in its manifest, and it's the only one of my JARs with a main class.
That explains the effect, but not the cause. I could use any old plain Java SE library foo.jar in my web app, where foo.jar has no dependency on Java EE and happens to be packaged as an exeutable JAR with a Main-Class attribute. It that case, foo.jar is surely not a J2EE application client module.
Is this a function of the Glassfish plugin or of Eclipse WTP? At any rate, it does not make any sense to me.

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