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Simple movie playing example

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I have a .m2ts movie file and i need to convert this single file to BD structure with menu. So, can i create all needed files (index.bdmv, MovieObjects.bdmv, *.mpls, *.clpi e.t.c) by means of your source code. I would be happy if you post some code.)))


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Joined: 2010-07-04

There is currently no tool to go from a single m2ts movie file to a full BD playing xlet. If you simply want to play the m2ts file then there are a few burners with this built in functionality to create the required structure for you (playlist files, clip information files etc.)

If you want to create an xlet that is able to play a movie that is on the disc, then check out the hdcookbook source as there are a few examples of playing video files. The hdcookbook_discimage plays a movie, the ProgressivePlaylist in xlets\tests\functional plays a movie file from a jar file located on the disc.

To create menus, check out GRIN and there are also some more examples in the hdcookbook source.

If you want to play a movie file that is sent over the internet, then that's a different ballgame. You're going to need to create a structure file which contains description files of the missing m2ts files, perform a VFS update with those files, then send the files over, enabling them when they arrive.