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English application running on Korean Windows Look and Feel has a problem

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Hi all,

We have an application running on JRE 1.6_014, using all English characters, that we have specified to use the Windows Look and Feel. When we run on an English Windows system, everything looks fine. We have a customer running our application on their Korean Windows machine and the L&F appears to be using a different default font. If we have specified a font, then that font is actually used. If we just use the default font, then we see differences.

We are using Windows XP Pro in both cases.

Specifically, I can tell that the font used for title bars in bold on the English system and plain on the Korean ones. The label font is also bigger on the Korean system (looks like a different font face as well).

The end result is we have several GUIs in out application that are no longer sized properly and just look wrong.

I've done some Googling and I just can't find anything...I can't imagine we're the first to see it.

Thanks in advance!


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That the korean system runs with a different font is to be expected (as they need a font that can display korean glyphs as well).

If you properly layout your components using layout managers you GUI should resize automatically so the font fits. Also try to avoid to use setPreferredSize().