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PhoneME Feature Messaging Problem

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Joined: 2010-03-08

Hi everyone:

Im having a problemt trying to run a Midlet wich is supposed to receive sms messages then made an http connection to a servlet to write some data on a database.

A time ago, i was being able to do this using the Esmerte Jbed CLDD/MIDlet patform for windows mobile, but suddenly it stops working, it seems to wont be able to made the conecction with the servlet.

So then, i try to do it using davy's PhoneME Feature MIDP build for windows mobile, so i install the application and when i try to run the midlet im getting this exception:

The application has unexpectedly quit. Contact the application provider to resolve the issue.

So it seems to be a problem with the Messaging API but as far as i have read, this platform have support for this API. I made another version of the app removing all the messaging features just to check the connection to the servlet and is working nice...

I dont kknow what could be wrong, so i would be very thankfull if anyonce could help me,