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What is Fast Boot?

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Joined: 2009-09-29

In file mpeos_socket.c the function mpeos_socketCreate() has the comment
* Initiate fast boot if not in 2-way mode yet,
* to insure that our network connection to the head-end is set-up
mpeos_stbBoot( MPE_BOOTMODE_FAST);

What is a fast boot?
Is the settop box reset?

Please clarify.

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Joined: 2009-01-27

When a set-top box boots up, it obtains a broadcast RF network connection, then it tries to establish a two-way RF network connection. By default, STBs perform a 'slow boot' (a random delay between the time the broadcast connection is established and the time that it attempts to establish a two-way connection); this prevents a sign-on storm. If a user presses the power button during 'slow boot', the state changes to 'fast boot' whereby the two-way connection is attempted immediately.

Changing states between fast and slow boot does not reset the STB.