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How does the RI know what GMT I am in?

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Just wondering how the RI figures out what GMT I am in?

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Joined: 2009-01-27

And then edit that entry in the GpnvsDatabaseFile.xml:

Joined: 2009-01-27

The specific var to change is:

The value is a base64 encoded two’s complement integer offset, in number of minutes, from GMT and will be in the range of –12 to +12 hours.

One can observe the current value by:
echo "/lw=" | base64 -d > tz.bin
hexdump tz.bin
000000 fe 5c >.\<

so 0xFE5C is 65116 (twos complement -420, -7 hours converted to minutes)

to change to GMT -6, one would find that 0xFE98 is 65176 (twos complement -360, -6 hours converted to minutes)

hexedit the above tz.bin to be 0xFE98 and then encode it:
base64 tz.bin

Then place the string "/pg=" in place of "/lw=" in the GpnvsDatabaseFile.xml that Greg mentioned earlier:

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The RI queries the CableCARD to determine the time zone. On the PC Platform, we simulate these values in a file. Unfortunately, the file is not very human-readable at this time. The values are base64 encoded since that is the mechanism DRI (CableLabs Digital Receiver Interface specification) uses to pass this information between the host and the card.

If you are interested, the file is located in $RICOMMONROOT/GpnvsDatabaseFile.xml.