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Is there some documentation for the MPE Section Filter interface?

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I'd like to know what events the RI (sitp_si_state_wait_table_revision_handler) should expect in both headend profile 1 where the section numbers and version and last section number is unknown for example, and higher profiles.
Does MPE_SF_EVENT_LAST_SECTION_FOUND ever get sent in profile1? If so how is this known - the RI does processing on top of this to see when all sections have arrived and therefore which is the lastone so I'm confused by the intended design.

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In profile-1 SI where the section number is unknown the RI employs an algorithm based on the CRC matching count of individual sections of a table. When a unique CRC is seen a pre-determined (configured via ini variable) number of times the section is considered acquired. The CRC match count can be individually set for each table type. See $OCAPROOT/bin/$OCAPTC/env/mpeenv.ini file for documentation on various SITP environment variables.

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The MPEOS section filtering interface is used for much more than just SI acquisition. Therefore, the MPE_SF_EVENT_LAST_SECTION_FOUND event has nothing to do with SI.

When the stack calls mpeos_filterSetFilter(), it passes a "timesToMatch" parameter. The MPE_SF_EVENT_LAST_SECTION_FOUND event should be sent when notifying the queue that the "timesToMatch" count has been reached. If a value of "0" is passed as the timesToMatch value, MPE_SF_EVENT_LAST_SECTION_FOUND will never be sent.