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I was looking for an in-memory data table structure. I happen to stumble upon the DataTable class in the databinding project. The databinding prject info however claims that DataBuffer is its successor. So I took a look in that. It might be interesting to use this instead of writing my own code, however I see the latest commits are 3 and 4 years ago, so I wondering if all this might have been replaced by some new project again. I also cannot find any jar/package to download and use it.

So I am curious now what exactly is the state for the DataBuffer, or suggest some other library for me. Maybe I even overlooked something in the Java 1.6 API and it is standard functionality?

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DataBuffer is unfortunately obsolete and is no longer being maintained.
I used it in a project I worked on and personally think it is brilliant.
I think the binding was stopped because a JSR295 Beansbinding was coming up,
though I think that has fizzled out too. Also the people developing it moved on to
other things. (In my opinion they were also going down the wrong path and things were
becoming too complicated - but that's my opinion and I've been wrong before -
I think they did a great job in the databuffer area)

I downloaded the source and compiled it myself (I used Eclipse) as I made a few
changes. I added some extensions and fixed a few bugs. There are still bugs, but I've
either worked around them or they don't affect me.
I only worked with small databases and some of the bugs only appeared with larger
databases. I'm not sure how the whole package scales up.

It is ridiculously easy to bind a DataTable to a JTable or JXTable, and I have created
bindings to other widgets.

As far as I know, there was only one other person using it, and I am not aware of their
status. If you are interested in looking at it, I will be quite happy to answer any
questions that I can, though it's been a while. If you get serious I may be interested in
trying to resurrect the project - it didn't seem worth it for just me, however I think it is
such a good product I believe it deserves wider exposure..