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Home Netowking QA app

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Joined: 2010-06-22

I noticed that there is a qa application related to HN, available under ..ri_stack/apps/qa/hn/ directory. Is it working? If yes, could you please provide instruction to build and run?

I am aware of Home Networking Stream testing, using DVRExerciser. What are the other tests can be done using ..ri_stack/apps/qa/hn/ qa application?


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Joined: 2008-12-17

There are tests in ..ri_stack/apps/qa/hn/ directory (and also in RI_Stack\apps\qa\hn) that haven't been updated in several months.

The reason they haven't been updated is because the DvrExerciser covers the APIs addressed in these tests plus more functionality.

I've asked another colleague to provide build and run instructions. They should be posted here tomorrow.

The RI development philosophy has been to enhance the DvrExerciser rather to maintain or enhance these tests.


Joined: 2008-09-24

Hi ,

The tests in "$OCAPROOT/apps/qa/hn/testapp" directory are the test xlets and exercise various API's in Home Networking(CDS, SRS etc.). As Lori mentioned these tests were not updated for very long time. I committed one change to the trunk to compile these xlets.

Please download the latest revision of this folder from trunk and then follow the below steps to compile and run these test xlets.
1. Go To Directory : $OCAPROOT/apps/qa/hn/testapp
2. Run 'ant'
After this step, if the compilation is successful, then the classes are copied into the env directory of the stack. ("$OCAPROOT\bin\$OCAPTC\env\apps\testapp")
3. Copy the host from the test app to the env folder i.e
4. Run the RI as we run any ocap app. i.e ./ -tunetest
5. If successful, we can see the initial screen for options to run CDS , SRS, media tests.
Note: Some of these tests are not updated to the latest stack version, so some of the apps may have issues with Permissions.

Please let us know if you have any issues.