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3ds object loading texture problems!!

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Hellow!! Started learning about Java 3D last week and I'm at the point where I want to put my models into the scene graph. I'm using a teapot for testing.

I can get the models in just fine, but there's a problem with the textures. I've tried with a single texture and that works fine (a teapot textured with yellow dots)

If I try using two textures then only the second texture shows! which completely covers the model.

I've also tried using "materials" instead of textures from image files and the same problem occurs, it only shows the last material but over all of the model.

I've searched through the forum and found some posts but none have the solution I'm looking for.

I'm using the microcrowd 3ds loader. I've tried other loaders like SUN object loader and another 3ds loader but they're worse! they show nothing if there's more than one texture and nothing if I use materials.

There must be a way to sort it out because I've seen projects that have multi textured models!?!?!

Thanks, Mal.

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Multitexturing is supported indeed, but I guess you aint gonna get "free ride" using loaders. You have to manipulate them manually.
First hit from google "java3d" "multitexturing":

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You can only set one texture for one Shape3D.

You can set the 2 images as 1 images.
And set that image as texture.