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dirtyJOE - Java Overall Editor

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Joined: 2010-09-19

dirtyJOE - Java Overall Editor is a complex editor and viewer for compiled java binaries (.class files). Current version still have some limitations, but hopefully those will be removed within the next releases.

dirtyJOE is free for non-commercial use.

dirtyJOE is entirely written in C++, no third party libraries were used.

Main features:
* Viewer for: constant pool, methods, fields, attributes
* Editor for: constant pool, bytecode

You can download it from

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Joined: 2010-09-19

New version is out:

[b][u]2010-09-26 v1.1 (c169):[/u][/b]

* Added Edit option for Minor version, Major version, Access flags, This class and Super class fields on Overview tab.
* Added Show Refs button on Constant Pool tab.
* Added Object filter on Constant Pool tab.
* Added context menu on Constant Pool tab with some common operations: Copy Text, Edit Item, Add Item and Show References

Joined: 2010-09-19

2010-10-31 v1.2 (c213):

  • Added context menu for Interfaces field (Implements listbox on Overview tab). You can now Add, Edit and Delete specific interface.
  • Added context menu for Attributes listbox on Overview tab. You can now Edit, View, Add and Delete specific attribute. Currently supported attributes: InnerClasses, Synthetic, Deprecated, ConstantValue, Signature, SourceFile, EnclosingMethod
  • Added Edit with dirtyJOE feature to shell context menu of .class files
  • Added simple Check for Updates mechanism
  • Name of opened file is visible on window title
  • Native x64 executable as a separate download
Joined: 2010-09-19

2011-01-06 v1.3 (c255):

  • Added support for editing Name, Descriptor and Flags on Methods and Fields tab
  • Added Add and Delete actions for Methods and Fields
  • Added Add, View, Edit and Delete actions for attributes on Methods and Fields tab and in Code Editor
  • Added support for editing Max Stack and Max Locals fields in Code Editor
  • Added support for adding Code and Exceptions attributes
  • Added support for editing exception records in Code Editor
  • Code Editor window merged with Code Editor
  • GUI ported to WTL (Windows Template Library)