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Media Conditional Access Error handling

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mpeos_media.h has several definitions related to Conditional Access failure handling.

Could you please clarify their usage?

MPE_FAILURE_CA_DENIED: when does this event need to be sent and which queue? Also what event (reason code) does this translate to in the java implemenation?

Errors Codes:


Which APIs handle these error codes?

My understanding is that a service's CA state could be changing while being presented. (i.e authorized first, and then non authorized). How does mpeos media notify the java implementation of that state change.

I am assuming that when a service becomes unauthorized, JMF will transition to AltContent. What happens if the services is authorized again, is Service Context expected to transition back to NormalContent ?


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Hey Amir,

I also responded to the similar post on this matter ("MPEOS Media events clarifications"):

These codes really need to be deprecated as this functionality is no longer intended to be provided via mpeos_mediaDecode(). Decrypt management is now performed via CA_PMT APDU exchange from the MPE PODManager and signaled to Java via the PODDecryptResourceImpl class.

When the decrypt session is initiated (when a CA descriptor(s) are present in the PMT), and the session fails to start, then the decode will not be initiated. And if the session is terminated mid-session, the session is intended to communicate the fact and the JMF player should respond by terminating playback and switching into alternative content mode. This requires more testing however - since the RI platform doesn't currently have the ability to simulate these conditions.

Joined: 2009-05-06

Thanks Craig.

We are actually going to test this functionality on our platform. I will let you know if this works as expected or not.