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GWT and SwingX

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Hi All,

I have recently started doing a technology evaluation of the GWT/GXT ( framework and what really impressed me about this is that I code in Java and the code gets translated into browser/device friendly JS/html code.

What I don't like about this framework is that I have to code against yet another API that is not transferable to a native swing application. This got me thinking as to why couldn't there be merging of SwingX/GWT. It would work like this, developers would code against the SwingX/GWT APIS, but the application can be deployed as a pure SwingX Java app, or a translated into HTML/JS by the Google compiler. From what I can gather, emulating the widgets/action events of SwingX should not be to difficult using what's already provided by GWT. Also, there doesn't seem to be any reason why all the GWT functionality can't be used in a desktop app?

What do you all think? I know as a developer I would find something like this pretty cool (more importantly, it would increase my productivity by leaps and bounds since I could deliver both an AJAX based web app, and desktop app with little effort). I know there are already tools that translate Swing into AJAX based interfaces but they seem to be all built on closed system and the assumption is the workflow is going from swing to AJAX.

P.S. Forgive my ignorance if this is just a stupid idea.