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multy array to array or vector

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I have a matrix ( have groups of number, six numbers each and I decided to put them in a matrix ) 6 columns and many lines.
I want to make all diffrent combinations of 6 lines, and from each combination 6 lines with 6 numbers are 36 diffrent numbers.
Then I need those 36 numbers to compare them with an array of numbers.
The numbers resulted from the previous step is what I want from every combination.

I only know to make the combinations if every line in the matrix is a position of an array. But I don't know to make that : matrix[0][]==v[0] and v[0]==0
matrix[1][]==v[1] and v[1]==1
something like that. Then I have the combination 1,23,43,2,5,6 . That's 36 numbers and I need to get those numbers back, and I don't know how or what to use.