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Sorting large data sets

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I'm working on something which needs to able to sort variable amounts of records. As I'm reading this data from a file, I'm looking at how using a TreeMap would perform, inserting each row as it's read - then iterating through the resultant map to write out the results.
My concern is that as I scale up the number of records - the performance will degrade as memory runs short. To try and get round this I'm planning on splitting the process, building maps to a certain point and then write it out to a temporary file. Repeating this for as many times as needed and then merging these resultant files into a final sorted result.
Can anyone see any problems with this or can anyone come up with alternatives.

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Yes, probably you'll run out of memory when running the sort over a large dataset.

There are a number of solutions to this, you could use a MergeSort using files as intermediate storage for example, this will take long but it will surely be memory efficient.

Other than that, have you tried using Collection.sort() instead of using a TreeMap?