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InvalidPlayListException - not accessible playlist: 0 - Updated

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Can't for the life of me figure out why this is happening. Playlist file exists, looks correct from converting it back to the xml file.

BDLocator bdLocator = new BDLocator("bd://0.PLAYLIST:00000");
MediaLocator locator = new MediaLocator(bdLocator);
final Player thePlayer = Manager.createPlayer(locator); //Stack trace points here not accessible playlist: 0
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)

Is the surrounding code, the previous VFS looks like it was fine as there were no exceptions to be seen. Works in TMT but not on the PS3.

The code uses the same vfs.jar from the progressive example, also using the same certificates and when signing the application. Network access, BUDA access are all functional.

The process to update follows the same pattern as the progressive example in:
[phase 1]
reset the vfs
restart title
[phase 2]
prepare for the vfs update (unzip the jar file)
update the vfs (with manifest.xml and manifest.sf)
restart title
[phase 3]
get the m2t file (from the vfs.jar)
start the progressive playlist

All files unzip properly and can be seen (via xletlogger) as existing.

The progressive example works on the PS3 and I am using the same vfs.jar, same certificates and even the same bdjo, id, index and movieobject.xml (all diffed and match)

Also, when doing a request for update then restarting the title, is it normal for the BUMF files given to the VFSManager to be renamed? Originally the files were Manifest.xml and Manifest.sf but once updated and restarted they become bumf.xml and bumf.sf. Is there any documentation on this process? From the javadocs of request updating nothing is mentioned.

Attempted to output some information to see if it differed from when it was ran on the emulator, it all seems to be the same (tested the toExternalForm of the locator, VFSManager state is STABLE). Also attempted to load directly via datasource:

DataSource data = Manager.createDataSource(new URL("bd://0.PLAYLIST:00000"));
thePlayer = Manager.createPlayer(data);

Here is the .mpl file converted back using the playlist tool

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Joined: 2010-07-04

culprit was

in the BDJO description file. Argh.