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Home Networking support?

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Joined: 2010-06-22

I have been working on platform level support for Home Networking extension. But looking at you current MPEOS APIs for home networking, I doubt it covers all of the home networking (DLNA) features. For example, when HOST device wants to act as DMP ( player), then I don’t see anywhere from your MPEOS APIs or event notification to let application know how many servers are available on the network. Can you please clarify me whether HN extension is completed and working on OCAP RI_STACK level?

Related to above question, if OCAP RI stack expects only following APIs support (taken from mpeos_hn.h), then can you please confirm whether these API will cover all HN features?

mpe_Error mpeos_hnUnregisterQueue(mpe_EventQueue queueId); mpe_Error mpeos_hnRegisterQueue(mpe_EventQueue queueId); mpe_Error mpeos_hnShutdown(void); mpe_Error mpeos_hnInit(void); mpe_Error mpeos_hnStreamGetInfo(mpe_HnStreamSession session, mpe_HnStreamParams * sessionParams); mpe_Error mpeos_hnStreamClose(mpe_HnStreamSession session); mpe_Error mpeos_hnStreamOpen(mpe_HnStreamParams * openParams, mpe_EventQueue queueId, void * act,mpe_HnStreamSession * treamingSession);
mpe_Error mpeos_hnPlaybackStart(mpe_HnStreamSession streamingSession, mpe_HnPlaybackParams * playbackParams, int64_t mediaTime, float rate, mpe_Bool initialBlockingState, void *act, mpe_HnPlaybackSession *playbackSession);
mpe_Error mpeos_hnPlaybackStop(mpe_HnPlaybackSession playbackSession);
mpe_Error mpeos_hnPlaybackGetTime(mpe_HnPlaybackSession playbackSession, int64_t *mediaTime);
mpe_Error mpeos_hnPlaybackSetTime(mpe_HnPlaybackSession playbackSession, int64_t mediaTime);
mpe_Error mpeos_hnPlaybackSetRate(mpe_HnPlaybackSession playbackSession, float mode, float *actualMode);
mpe_Error mpeos_hnPlaybackGetRate(mpe_HnPlaybackSession playbackSession, float *mode);
mpe_Error mpeos_hnPlaybackChangeSourceParams( mpe_HnPlaybackSession playbackSession, mpe_HnPlaybackParams * playbackParams);
mpe_Error mpeos_hnPlaybackBlockPresentation( mpe_HnPlaybackSession playbackSession, mpe_Bool block);

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Joined: 2010-06-22

Sounds good and it make sense. Thanks for your replies.

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The MPEOS porting APIs only cover streaming of content.
All UPnP-related content discovery and processing is implemented in Java. We have incorporated Cyberlink's UPnP stack that uses sockets to discover and communicate with other UPnP devices on the home network.

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I'm pretty sure the functionality you are talking about is handled by uPnP. The RI contains a full open source Java uPnP stack which performs device discovery. No need to go through the platform porting layer for that.


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Greg is correct. The HN implementation in the RI does have limitations, but that is not one of them.

For our current published list of limitations in the RI HN implementation, please see the release notes at