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Artefacts with Line Antialiasing

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I sometimes get strange artefacts at the border of lines when using line antialiasing. Here is a sample:

Should look like:

Funny thing is, that these strange border artefacts are not always visible and are somehow influenced if other shapes are visible or not. Meaning if I hide the left bottom axis, the center lines are correct. But this is not always the case...

I initialise AA with this:

<br />
GraphicsConfigTemplate3D gCT = new GraphicsConfigTemplate3D();<br />
gCT.setSceneAntialiasing(GraphicsConfigTemplate3D.PREFERRED);<br />
jCanvas = new JCanvas3DYUp(gCT);<br />
...<br />
view.setSceneAntialiasingEnable(true);<br />

and I use setLineAntialiasingEnable(true) in LineAttributes from the Appearance.

So I am really confused and don't know where to look to fix the problem. Maybe someone can give me a hint :)