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Is there an event that fires when an HDMI cable is connected/disconnected?

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I'm browsing through the documentation, and I'm curious if there's an event that's supposed to fire when an HDMI cable is connected or disconnected. I'm not seeing anything, and in testing, I'm not seeing anything... but that may be a mistake on the platform I'm testing with.

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The stack registers an event queue by calling mpeos_dispRegister (mpeos_disp.c in your porting code). The events that you can send to that queue are described at the top of mpeos_disp.h:

* Display related events
* Events are sent through the ED mechanism. It is required that an event counter
* be sent as part of the event. This allows the java code to synchronize updates.
* The counter can roll over as long as any two events in sequence have different
* numbers.
* The Java code expects an ED event in this form:
* asyncEvent( int eventCode, int videoPortHandle, int eventCounter )
typedef enum
MPE_DISP_EVENT_CONNECTED = 0x2500, /* display connected to video port */
MPE_DISP_EVENT_DISCONNECTED, /* display disconnected from video port */
MPE_DISP_EVENT_RESOLUTION, /* resolution of display changed */
MPE_DISP_EVENT_SHUTDOWN, /* close down this queue */
} mpe_DispEvent;

That should get you started.


Joined: 2010-01-05

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