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NAT Hole Punching Implementation

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We are a small S/W development firm working on few concepts in J2ME.

Our current problem is we have difficulty in establishing P2P communication on Mobile handsets. Based on the research done we understand this is due to the Private IP address assigned by the Service provider while activating GPRS connection on the handsets.

Based on further research i understand that one has to do hole punching UDP using Stunts / TURNS / ICE.

Can some one guide me / help me with a piece of code as to how i can solve the problem.

Many thanks in advance

Fahed Ahmed

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Hi, NAT traversal is a hot topic in the JXTA community. We are currently working on a NAT traversal solution. Some work has been done by a student to implement the NatTrav solution. It has not been integrated yet. I have not received the code yet, but I believe an incident will be opened as soon as we get it. It should be available from there.