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Experience with stability, quality of Mojarra & Glassfish

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Hi all

I've recently been getting into JSF2 on Glassfish 3.0.1, and find myself wondering what others' experience of the maturity and stability of the platform is.

Whenever I start coding, I seem to trip over bugs that take me a few hours to research, produce a test case for, and report. I get back to coding my app, and hit another bug.

The latest is with the noSelectionValue attribute in f:selectItems, which is wrong in the taglib and javadoc - and doesn't seem to work at least in Mojarra 2.0.2 either. It seems like pretty core functionality to have not working, yet there's barely even any discussion of it that Google can find.

I'm getting access to JSF2 and Glassfish for free, so I don't want to whine about how it's somehow "just not good enough" or anything - I know full well I'm lucky to have what I do, and I appreciate the time and effort so many people have put into building it.

I'm just wondering how other *users* of the platform have found it. Am I trying to do things in weird ways? Is there some central repository of known quirks and bugs that people consult to avoid hitting issues? Or is nobody really using this stuff beyond a bit of playing-around level testing yet?

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I'm doing the same thing that you and I'm finding some weird behaviors like these:

I'm debugging the source code a lot because I'm creating a set of components to the company that I work. Of course there are things to improve, there is some limitations on extending some points. Some html components could be more generic and have more extension points. But in general it's a very good code.

I developed aplications with JSF 1.x for five years and the stability was great, and I think that we will achieve this stability with JSF 2 very fast.

For now, all people that I know aren't using JSF 2 for prodution. We still have 2 or 3 months to put our application in prodution. We are finding some little weird behaviors, but almost everything is working good.

I think that the composite components and the JavaScript support for ClientBehaviors could be improved more. It could be more flexible. But in general we are happy until now.