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JDK x64,win2k3 64-bit and AMD processor. Please help!

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Beforehand I apologize for my English. I do not know him and all will translate translator.
I from India.
For me win2k3 x64 stands with the processor of AMD dual core.
When I put JDK x64, after setting as service so of process of java is not present.
But when I put jdk x32, all be well set and a platform worked.
I will not understand in what problem. and ask for a help.

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Joined: 2010-08-25

My OS windows 2003 enterprise 64- bit. Software jdk-6u21-windows-x64.exe and jdk-6u21-windows-i586.exe/. A first Software, ( jdk-6u21-windows-x64.exe) does not create service and process,a second (jdk-6u21-windows-i586.exe), it a create process and good work. But I am necessary what worked a first software.

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x64 does indeed refer to 64-bit, and all dual core processors I know of are 64-bit.

x64 also means that the operating system is 64-bit, and must run on a 64-bit processor. A 32-bit operating system can run on a 64-bit or 32-bit processor.

Likewise, programs and libraries can be compiled for either 64-bit or 32-bit. 64-bit programs can only reference 64-bit libraries, and 32-bit programs can only reference 32-bit libraries.

If I understand your problem, you are using a library (JNI) to have a Java program run as a Windows service. This works when you use a 32-bit JRE, but it fails with a 64-bit JRE. This tells me that either you have a 32-bit version of Windows installed *OR* the library you use to turn Java programs into Windows services is 32-bit.