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Problems with pipes and connection refused

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I'm developing an university project with jxta, and I have to build a jxta application where there is a peer named UserPeer and another peer named StorePeer that have to communicate each other. My application should to allow that the UserPeer can consult the StorePeer's products catalogue and so UserPeer can buy something that he likes.
UserPeer and StorePeer belong to the same peer group that is named "Store". StorePeer creates the group "Store" and UserPeer joins it when he retrieves the corresponding peer group adevertisement. StorePeer publishes a pipe advertisement and after creates the listener associated with the output pipe (because he has to write data about products of the catalogue that has to read UserPeer), the UserPeer looks for pipe advertisement published by StorePeer and when he finds it, associates a listener to its input pipe (because he has to read data from catalogue). The problem is that the advertisements of peer group named "Store" and of the pipe, are received by UserPeer but there is no communication, no exchange of data between the two peers (StorePeer and User Peer). I suppose because the listener for OutputPipe is never called and so, consequently also the listener for InputPipe. I've the necessity to run my application locally, that is one pc. So, I'm trying to resolve this problem that last since many days...
Now, I'm trying to define my own rendezvous on my local machine (StorePeer) and UserPeer remains an edge peer of group store. Finally the problem is: how to realize the communication between this two peers (StorePeer and UserPeer), setting, for example, StorePeer as rendezvous. I'm trying to do it, but I obtain connection refused on tcp:// I enclose the Java source file of my project, the class that are involved in the problem are StorePeer and UserPeer. I hope that somebody can help me. I repeat, the problems last since many days and I'm becoming crazy...

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There could be many cause to your issue:

i) Make sure you understand how to configure rendezvous and edges properly.
ii) Make sure you understand the concept of seed.
iii) If you work with multiple peers on the same PC, make sure your firewall is correctly configured. Keep in mind that Windows has a tendency to kill multicast communication silently.
iv) tcp:// seems to indicate that there is a configuration issue with your peers.
v) Some code examples are available at