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Displaying 1 million 3D points cloud as shape3d objects of 200 points each

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I am facing a problem in displaying over 1 million points. I don't know, where mam i wrong.

Basically i reading the data from a file having X,Y,Z, Intensity. as
7.180 3.131 1.726 255
7.179 3.126 1.726 255
7.179 3.120 1.726 255

line by line

Max value is 11.642f and min value is -1.246f.
While reading file as i am making pointArray of 200 size each and adding them in sequence under transformationGroup object objTrans.
At last i apply transformation using min and max value out of (X,Y,Z)

But problem facing is that only last added child in objTrans i.e pointArroay of 200 point is displaying.

Code + Data:

Added because cant paste full code here

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I just get a signup page from your link, but that could be my web browser (IceApe). I'm assuming that you are loading your coordinates into a single TransformGroup() instead of creating a new TransformGroup() for each PointArray().


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Thanx for reply.

I have tried what u said i.e. TransformGroup for each PointArray object.

Initially i was adding all pointArray objects under 1 TransformGroup as parent. (
Now i have created pointArray having its own separate TransformGroup object. (ReadPoints.Java)

But still i m getting the same output as before ,i.e., last pointArray is displaying.

Here is new link for my code and data.

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I made a lot of changes to your code before I realized the simple problem. You need to make a new PointArray object otherwise you are just moving the coordinates of your original point array. (ie you have 5000 'clouds' all with the last 200 coordinates)

If it still doesn't work I could u/load the version that I have, since I made quite a few changes.

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Thanks, i see now i make a clone and the add it to shape3D object and it works.

I was doing noobism with overwriting my PointArray object with last set of points