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JavaFX Sequence Declaration

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Hi all,
I have only just started teaching myself JavaFX, and I am struggling with a few concepts. Does anyone know how to declare a class as a sequence? I had "object holders" which were simply classes which extended ArrayLists. These had custom functions, which is why I need them in JavaFX. For example in Java:

public class MyObjectHolder extends ArrayList {</p>
<p>    public MyObjectHolder() {<br />
<p>    public void addObject(String name, Integer value) {<br />
        this.add(new MyObject(name, value));<br />

Obviously ArrayLists have been replaced with sequences, but now what?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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Joined: 2007-11-15

You cannot extend sequences. Instead your MyObjectHolder can have a member, that stores the sequence. Something like this:
public class MyObjectHolder {
var mySequence: MyObject[];
public function addObject (String name, Integer value): Void {
insert MyObject {name: name, value: value} into mySequence;

> Obviously ArrayLists have been replaced with
> sequences...
No, there are different concepts involved. Roughly in JavaFX Script a simple object reference can point to zero or one instance of a class. A sequence can point to n instances of a class. A sequence is not an Object.

Joined: 2010-08-19

That's great info. Thanks very much michael_heinrichs. Been finding it hard to get good information like this.

Also, thanks for the correction on sequences not being objects. That makes a lot of sense and clears up a lot. So is there a JavaFX equivalent to an array object?