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Transport Stream and SI data options

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I would like to play transport streams of my own channels through the RI. I tried configuring a ts in the program.cfg and while it runs the ts it gives me an alternative content error, content not found. I'm not sure how to generate the ts properly. I also would like to capture the SI data for the channels so I can parse it for information I would like to use in my application.

What tools are available to generate transport streams and SI data from cable broadcasts that I can use to create the appropriate ts files and SI files for use with the RI?

I have also looked at the HD Homerun HDHR-US as an option. Since all my channels run in-house it may be easier for me to just set this up through my stb and network. Is this a better option? Is this working in the current 1.1.4RELB OCAP-RI?

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You have a couple of different choices. However, with both choices you MUST have a way to capture your own SCTE 65 SI data (at least NIT_CDS, NIT_MMS, and SVCT) that corresponds to your plant. This data must be captured to a file that contains the raw MPEG section data. We do not have any publicly available tools that can generate this information for you.

To supply your own SCTE 65 SI data file, modify the file $RICOMMONROOT/resources/fdc-files.txt. This file actually contains a list of MPEG section files that are played out periodically by the PC Platform and act just like legacy or DSG OOB data. You can add any files to this fdc-files.txt file that contain OOB MPEG sections (SCTE 65 SI, EAS, XAIT, etc). The fdc-files.txt file is re-read every period, so you can even simulate version changes in SI or XAIT tables or you can simulate EAS by just modifying this file at runtime. The actual MPEG sections files referenced by fdc-files.txt must be placed in $RICOMMONROOT/resources/fdcdata.

(You can modify the period of FDC data playback in platform.cfg -- RI.Platform.OOBtableRequestPeriod)

Once you have your OOB SI setup to match your plant, you have 2 choices for supplying MPEG transport streams:

1) VLC Playback of Canned Streams

In this mode, VLC can playback an MPEG-2 transport stream file when the stack requests a "tune" to a particular QAM carrier. You can use the HDHomerun or any other method at your disposal to capture in-the-clear multi-program transport streams off of your plant and save them to a file.

2) HDHomerun

In this mode the HDHomerun can tune a live, in-the-clear QAM carrier on your plant and present the transport stream to the RI.

To configure the RI Platform for either of this modes, see our wiki: