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Posted by rogerfgay on August 18, 2010 at 7:56 AM PDT project mentor needed -

I'm starting a project, currently on schedule for source to be uploaded by August 31, 2010. I have already posted an issue.

I have loads of project experience and understand project management. I am not entirely new to open source projects. I am new to and all its trimmings. It would be quite helpful if I could get guidance here and there from someone who is quite familiar with and understands projects. I am trying to keep to a schedule and remain quite busy with a variety of tasks. Thus, any reduction in searching for answers and trial and error learning would be extremely helpful.

Help probably needed can range from simple email responses (like, what's the best way to assign permissions? Do I need to use groups for issue tracking authorities? I haven't been able to find and modify my billboard?) to helping assure that the source code is uploaded and maintained properly - kinds of things.

Just now, the position is entirely open; so negotiation is possible. (Certainly as it is with most non-paid positions.) I mean, I do not at this point anticipate a great deal of competition as to the level of support offered. Especially nice however, if I find someone who just really likes to see projects get off to a good start and is willing to put in a little effort here and there to make sure this one does.



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Re: project mentor needed

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Re: project mentor needed

First code uploaded to Subversion via TortoiseSVN. See there. I can do it. It just takes some extra time to do things without a mentor who's already done them. I'm still not extremely familiar however.