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MPEOS Media events clarifications

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Could please provide some clarifications regarding CA errors happening when MPEOS Media Decode and MPEOS DVR Playback are invoked?

1. Are there any other events beside the following ones to indicate CA failures:
#define MPE_FAILURE_CA_DENIED 0x0A // The decode request has failed because it was denied by CA
#define MPE_FAILURE_NO_DATA 0x0F // The decode request has failed because data is no longer being delivered (e.g.

2. Are there any error codes (in both media and dvr) to indicate CA failures? (In some case CA failures can be detected during the media decode request processing)

3. Should the events above be posted by Media and DVR? If not, what are the DVR events and error codes related to CA failures.

4. What is the expected behavior of these APIs when a CA failure happens (i.e. does MPEOS need to clean-up session, send session closed event,...)

5. Is there any data structure associated with MPE_FAILURE_CA_DENIED ?

6. What are the events we need to post when the decode or dvr session conditions have changed (i.e going from authorized to denied and vice versa)?


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Joined: 2008-12-18

These codes really need to be deprecated as this functionality is no longer intended to be provided via mpeos_mediaDecode(). Decrypt management is now performed via CA_PMT APDU exchange from the MPE PODManager and signaled to Java via the PODDecryptResourceImpl class.

When the decrypt session is initiated (when a CA descriptor(s) are present in the PMT), and the session fails to start, then the decode will not be initiated. And if the session is terminated mid-session, the session is intended to communicate the fact and the JMF player should respond by terminating playback and switching into alternative content mode. This requires more testing however - since the RI platform doesn't currently have the ability to simulate these conditions.