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Glassfish update tool

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Joined: 2010-08-16

Hi There,

I cannot update glassfish and gotten such error.
Below is the error. I've used glassfish on Ubuntu 10.04

uadmin@glassfish1:/opt/glassfish/bin$ sudo -u glassfish ./updatetool
The software needed for this command (updatetool) is not installed.

If you choose to install Update Tool, your system will be automatically
configured to periodically check for software updates. If you would like
to configure the tool to not check for updates, you can override the
default behavior via the tool's Preferences facility.

When this tool interacts with package repositories, some system information
such as your system's IP address and operating system type and version
is sent to the repository server. For more information please see:

Once installation is complete you may re-run this command.

Would you like to install Update Tool now (y/n): y

Proxy: Using system proxy settings.
Unrecognized exception: unknown authority: null
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: unknown authority: null
at com.sun.pkg.client.Image.refreshCatalog(
at com.sun.pkg.bootstrap.Bootstrap._main(
at com.sun.pkg.bootstrap.Bootstrap._main(
at com.sun.pkg.bootstrap.Bootstrap.main(

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Joined: 2013-02-22

Is there any solution yet? I am having the same issue and I get no solution.

Joined: 2012-10-04

Has anyone found a solution to this?
I just got this error on SunOS 5.10

Joined: 2012-08-08

Was any solution to this issue ever found? I'm having the same problem.