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Oracle sues Google, is it gonna affect us??

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Joined: 2010-08-13

First of all hi there,
Iam a javaSe/javafx programmer from indonesia, and iam new here, so go easy on me :D..
recently iam reading a news about a patent lawsuit by oracle for google, and iam not really sure about it, so iam a little confused about this Oracle vs Google, could you enlighten me about this war??is this gonna affect us as a programmer in agood way or bad way??cos right now iam developing for android and blackberry this could be that java no longer open??is this gonna affect innovative open source java-based like tapestry, GWT, Groovy, Grails, JMonkey,SWT, even Miglayout, google collection etc??..ok, that's all my question right now, have agood day everyone, and a greetings from indonesia GBU