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problems with bluetooth and java console

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Hi there,

Well, im facing a little problem trying to open a bluetooth connection over the phoneME Advance Dual Stack with MIDlet support using a Smarthphone.

The thing is i have this midlet that tries to open the connection. I have done this on a PDA using CDC and Personal Profile using Bluecove and when it succed on getting the local device the java console pops up showing the meesage bluecove 2.1.0, then i simply close the console and go back to the app. Well when i do this on the midlet the java console with the same message pops up, wich i believe means that it could get the local device, the problem here is that since my smarthphone is not touch, i cant close the java console, then im not able to get back to the app. Ive tried looking on the phoneME configuration file but i face the same problem without touchscreen, besides, the keyboard is ver limited and i cant use shortcuts.

Any ideas on what could i do?

Thanks in advance.

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Joined: 2007-01-03

You can disable the java console by adding the following parameter to the
command line:


If you want to log the output to files, add something like this:

"-Xopt:stdioPrefix=/storage card,useConsole=false"

This will disable the Java Console, but create ERR.txt, IN.txt and OUT.txt log files
in /storage card