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Announcing BDView!

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Joined: 2004-02-13

Hi everybody,

I'd like to announce a pretty cool new tool that's now in the cookbook repository. George Georgopoulous made a really neat BD image browser a while back, and he kindly agreed to make it available in the cookbook repository! After he did the putback, I just did a bringover, an "ant tools" build, and voilà, the /bin directory had the new bdview.jar in it. Double-clicking this JAR launches BDView.

BDView is a GUI that lets you look inside all the binary files in a BD image. You point it at the base directory of the BD file structure (like the "dist" directory in most of the cookbook images, e.g. GrinBunny), and then it has a tabbed pane that lets you look inside the different files. It lets you conveniently see the index, the BDJOs, the movie object, the playlists, and the CLPIs.

It works by converting the binary files to XML. You can also edit the XML in-place, and re-generate the binary files, so it works as a BD structure editor.

I think it's a wonderful addition to the project. It would have definitely saved me time debugging some disc images in the past.

Thank you, George!