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building hdcookbook source in eclipse

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Joined: 2010-06-05

Hi All,

I followed instructions at , to configure the project in eclipse environment.

Have got properly generated at proper location as well. here are some points i wanted to discuss:

1. The project shows 1 error (under "Problems" tab in eclipse): The project was not built since the source file /HDCookBook/grin/jdktools/grinviewer/src/com/hdcookbook/grin/test/bigjdk/ could not be read

2. Project's contents gets erased as soon as i refresh it.

3. I tried to build the project with above error and found that it builds successfully with some warnings. However, when i played BDMV in total media theatre, it shows only the menu without any background video. Also, the same goes for scene selection, it shows blank screen.

Please comment.