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CCIF SAS specification question

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As per the OC-SP-CCIF2.0-I21-100507 spec (section 9.17.2), SAS_connect_cnf APDU should inform the Host of which session is to be used for the connection.

But in table 9.17-4 SAS_connect_cnf APDU syntax does not mention about the session id associated to the connection but it talks about private_host_application_ID again. I am not sure whether it is a typo or I am missing something here.

Could you please clarify me to get the session id associated to the connection?

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I have worked extensively with this set of APIs related to SAS communication with the card and the associated APDUs. When you send a connect APDU to the card, the card will open a new session with the resource ID set to SAS. Use that session # for the connection. After the session is opened, the SAS_connect_cnf will be received.

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You need to review CCIF section 9.1. Each APDU is preceded by an SPDU which provides the session information associated with that APDU. Let me know if that does not clear it up for you.


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Thanks Greg! I was looking at session id in SAS_connect_cnf() APDU only, but yes.. as you mentioned SPDU got the session number for SAS_connect_cnf() APDU.

In section 9.17.2, "After receiving the SAS_connect_rqst() APDU from the HOST, the Card SHALL reply with an SAS_connect_cnf() APDU as defined in Table 9.17-4 to inform the Host of which SAS session is to be used for this connection" is the actual text from the spec, which made me to look for session number in the actual SAS_connect_cnf() APDU. I am good now, since I get the session number for SPDU.

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I don't see your first statement in spec. Can you please post the specific text?

No where i see anything related to session id. In fact, org.ocap.system doesn't have anything related to it.