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Newbee question

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Joined: 2010-08-09

I just joined this forum. I used to work at Sun Microsystems, and now co-founded my own company focused on J2ME to Android porting service.

Are most of you developing J2ME apps along with Android too ?

What are the challenges migrating between the teo platforms ?


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Joined: 2003-06-15

I've spend many years writing JavaME, and have recently started looking at Android development. Migration... what migration path. They are like night and day.
Were I work they used a technique to leverage LWUIT so for now that is how we are "migrating", but for portability, and code reuse in a native sense I see no real path.

Any information on how other would port or migrate code for maximum ability to support/maintain a minimum of codebases and that requires the least amount of rewrite would be great to hear about.


Joined: 2004-07-06

I'm primarily a JavaME developer, but also do Android and Palm (WebOS).

Overall, I would easily say that webos development has been the most fun and the quickest turnaround for developing apps. The market is much smaller unfortunately, but I've still made some decent $ from the appstore.