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NVIDIA Stereo Vision + Java3D

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Hi all,

I am working in UC Berkeley, and we are hoping to get programs to run programs with NVIDIA's newest 3D vision glasses with Java3D. These glasses work by drawing images to the computer's right and left buffers, and the images are effectively combined using shutter-glasses in synchronization with the program to create a 3D image. These programs then are used for the clinical diagnosis of binocular vision diseases.

I've had some trouble getting this program off the ground. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with Java3D and shutter glasses technology? I am using a ASUS G51JX Laptop compatible with 3D Vision, along with the 3D Vision Package (shutter glasses and IR emitter) and a GeForce GTS 360M graphics card.


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Did you ever make any progress on this? I was working on a similar problem in 2009. We never got the GTX card to go into stereo mode even with full screen. Nvidia was alarmingly unhelpful. We finally had to change to another machine with a quadro card that included a 3 pin stereo sync connection (without it the glasses quickly get out of phase)

After that the system worked pretty well, but the top third of the syncmaster always let the other half of the 3D image bleed through. We never were able to determine if it was a bad monitor, bad 3D equipment, or bad Java.

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it seems as if your are a pioneer in applying [b]NVIDIA Stereo Vision to Java 3D[/b] applications. We appreciate hearing about your progress.

Experiences with Java 3D [b]built-in hw/sw-based stereoscopic capabilities[/b] can be found in this thread:

Good luck, August

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I think the NVIDIA Stereo Vision drivers only support full-screen 3D mode, so you will almost certainly have to take that into account in your Java 3D application.