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Application Performance Management for Web Application Load Testing

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Software testing is one of the most important phases of any software development process. Proper testing ensures quality so that it can be used by users. There are different levels of software testing. Each and every level of testing ensures different aspect of software is perfect so that the final application runs error free. Usually, any software is first tested for software adherence to program specifications so that the software can do what it is intended for. This is also called unit testing.

The next level of software testing is integration testing where all modules of the application are verified if they communicate well between each other and that the desired end result is achieved. Since most of the complex software applications are made of more than one module, checking for proper integration of the modules and communication between them is important.

Another important testing is performance testing. Any application that is developed should undergo application performance management because people will have different software and hardware configurations and that the software should run in all computers without any issues. Incorrect coding and bugs can lead to too much resource consumption even in latest systems which are powered by multiple processors and RAM modules. Bugs can not only lead to system errors but also system freeze which can be devastating to the user. Hence, there should be an effective application performance management so that the software runs smooth and error-free.