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java 6_21 annoying plug-in error

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Joined: 2010-08-05

I'm getting this error "the new java plug-in requires a recent version of the firefox browser (firefox 3 or later).

the problem is I'm using an older mozilla component browser (called JRex -- google it for more info).... since it's old -- I keep on getting this annoying plug-in error.

Note: only started occurring in Java 6_21 JRE.

Is there a Java switch/setting to bypass this plug-in error?

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Joined: 2010-08-05

I was able to stop the popup error when telling JRex to turn off Java plugin prior to setting the preferences :

security.enable_java to false
plugin.default_plugin_disabled to true

this is equivalent to setting the Firefox setting in "about:config"

I don't use applets within my program .. so this workaround works for me.
would be nice if Java 6_21 allows an option also.